The Extreme-scale Scientific Software Stack (E4S) has built a unified computing environment for deployment of open-source projects. E4S was originally developed to provide a common software environment for the exascale leadership computing systems currently being deployed at DOE National Laboratories across the US. ParaTools, Inc. is offering support for deploying and testing E4S products.



ParaTools, Inc.’s published price list includes a premium support offering that includes an annual support contract for $225,000 per year for the following testing tasks for an E4S product (e.g., TAU, PETSc, Trilinos). 

  • Support for CI testing infrastructure developed by ParaTools. 
  • Support for evolving and maintaining the E4S product’s Spack recipe. 
  • Setting up 3 test cases on the CI infrastructure. These may include support for different compilers such as Intel, GCC, or Clang on a cloud infrastructure and connecting this CI infrastructure to the product’s open-source code repository such as GitHub using GitHub Actions and reporting the testing to a dashboard. 
  • A process for curating the dashboard and testing to generate emails to the product developers for builds on the CI infrastructure. This process would help resolve build failures and the E4S team at ParaTools will work with the developers to address the build failures. 
  • Set up a pull request testing for the product that would allow GitLab or GitHub integration. With GitHub integration, a pull request would trigger a build on the CI infrastructure through GitHub Actions and would send reports to the product’s dashboard where testing information would be collected. 
  • The support contract would provide quarterly status report as on the deployment of the testing infrastructure and any software or documents developed as part of the support contract as part of the project deliverables.
  • To order support for PARATOOLS® suite of tools including support for E4S, please use the webform.

Custom Cloud and Container Images

ParaTools, Inc. can create custom cloud images on AWS or other cloud providers and can create custom E4S containers. To discuss a custom quote for services including cloud or container development, please use the webform

Support for Adaptive Computing, Inc.’s ODDC 

ParaTools, Inc. supports ODDC. To discuss a custom quote for services including cloud or container development, please use the webform