Tau Commander offers an intuitive approach to performance engineering for application enhancement.  The primary command a user must learn (after installation) is “tau”.  The user will use this command to setup projects, identify applications and their respective computing attributes, and what performance measurements are desired to aid in the engineering effort.

Example can be obtained here [[how does one load tar.gz]]

Stampede example

First one must login with:

ssh -Y <username>@stampede.tacc.utexas.edu
** we need “-Y” for X forwarding to view results

Tau Commander Tutorial: Setup

We proceed that Tau Commander is installed on the system.  We also assume the “target” is using the compiler suite your application desires.

Note: Place the Tau Commander install bin in your path:
$export PATH=<tau_commander_install/bin:$PATH

From here on out typing “tau <args>” on the command line is all you need to interact with underlying TAU performance analysis tool.

Tau Commander: Project initialization

Tau Commander Tutorial: Create Experiments

Tau Commander Tutorial: Example 1: MPI Only

Tau Commander Tutorial: Example 2: OpenMP Only