ATPESC15: Intuitive Performance Engineering at the Exascale with TAU and TAU Commander


Using TAU on Argonne systems

  1. Choose an appropriate TAU_MAKEFILE:

    % soft add +tau-latest
    % export TAU_MAKEFILE=/soft/perftools/tau/tau_latest/bgq/lib/Makefile.tau-bgqtimers-mpi-pdt
    % export TAU_OPTIONS='-optVerbose' # (see -help for more options)
  2. Use,, etc. as Fortran, C++, etc. compiler:

    % mpixlf90_r foo.f90

    changes to

    % foo.f90
  3. Execute application:
    % qsub –A  –q R.bc –n 256 –t 10 ./a.out

    Note: If TAU_MAKEFILE has “papi” in its name, set TAU_METRICS:

    % qsub --env TAU_METRICS=BGQ_TIMERS:PAPI_L2_DCM ...
  4. Analyze performance data:
    • pprof (for text based profile display)
    • paraprof (for GUI)

Getting Started with Workshop Files

% ssh
% tar xvzf /soft/perftools/tau/workshop.tgz
% cd workshop
% less README