Kppa is a software tool that automatically generates C or Fortran90 code to simulate chemical kinetic systems. It has many applications including atmospheric simulation, chemical reactor modeling, microorganism growth modeling, and even food spoilage modeling. The generated code can use your GPU or multi-core CPU to deliver outstanding performance. Kppa also uses the sparsity of the model Jacobian and Hessian to achieve excellent computational efficiency. In peer-reviewed studies, Kppa-generated chemical kernels achieved 10-25x the performance of the state-of-the-art codes used in WRF-Chem and CMAQ (see Publications).

Kppa will help you develop new chemical simulation codes or improve your existing simulations. Kppa input files are written in a superset of the popular KPP language, so many projects will find it easy to integrate Kppa into their workflow. The code Kppa generates is modular and well documented, so using Kppa to testbed numerical integration schemes or add chemistry to an existing model is straightforward.


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