ParaTools is analyzing and implementing distributed message passing parallelism with MPI in order to provide a faster and more efficient implementation to a CFD (Computational Fluid Dynamics) code, RotCFD. RotCFD is Sukra Helitek’s flagship product for simulating and analyzing rotorcraft design, wind turbine development and general CFD problems.

Below is a brief description of Sukra Helitek Inc. (from their website) as well as downloads for a demonstration of the production code base on 64 bit Windows and OS X platforms.

Sukra Helitek

Sukra Helitek, Inc. is an engineering consulting company that specializes in computational fluid dynamics (CFD) with applications such as rotorcraft, propellers and wind turbines. The company is primarily involved in developing specialized computer software for the study and analysis of engineering problems in fluid dynamics. Clients of Sukra Helitek, Inc. include companies such as Sikorsky Aircraft, Boeing Helicopters, the former McDonnell Douglas, NASA, and the U.S. Army and Navy.

Licensing and Documentation

A demo license and documentation is included with the downloads below.


osx.png Mac OS X

  • 10.9 “Mavericks”: dmg (x86_64)

  • 10.8 “Mountain Lion”: dmg (x86_64)

windows.png Windows

  • 64 bit “Windows”: exe (x86_64)

Software License

RotCFD is licensed under the terms described in the file included in the Sukra Helitek distribution(s).