This step of the tutorial will guide you through the process of recompiling WPS 3.3.1 with the PToolsWin development environment.

WRF 3.3.1 is required to build WPS, so do not attempt this step until you have completed Step2.


Before you continue, make sure you have these software prerequisites:

  1. An installation of HPC Linux with PToolsWin.

  2. NetCDF for Windows.

  3. WRF for Windows

Build WPS as a Windows Executable

  1. Open a command line in your HPC Linux distro and load the PToolsWin module:


  2. Navigate to the WRF directory you created in Step2:


  3. Download and unpack the WPS source:



  4. Apply paratools-WPSV3.3.1-patch to the WPS source code to add a new build configuration for PToolsWin:


  5. Configure your environment with the same values as when you compiled WRF:


  6. Configure WPS. Select Windows x86_64, PToolsWin, DM PARALLEL, NO GRIB2 (Option 5) 1:

  7. Compile WPS 2:


    Verify that the ptoolswin module is loaded before you begin compiling. You can view loaded modules with the command module list


  8. If the compilation was successful, you should see three symlinks in the $WRFDIR/WPS folder:

    If any of these symlinks are missing or broken, check configure.log for errors ( do a case-insensitive search for “Error”) and try re-compiling. Otherwise, continue to Step 4.


  1. If you want to work with GRIB2 data then you will also need JasPer, libPNG, and zlib for Windows. Source code for these three packages is available here. Porting these libraries is fairly simple and is left as an exercise for the reader. Be sure to add the include file and library file paths for these libraries to your configure.wps file before you compile WPS. (1)
  2. Check the Compile module of the WRF ARW Online Tutorial for more information on compiling WPS. (2)