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TAU: Simply untar the distribution and run

   1 % configure
   2 make clean install

Add TAU's bin directory to the user's default path:

   1 % set path=($path <TAUDIR>/x86_64/bin)

in their .cshrc file.

   1 % set path=(<JAVADIR>/bin $path)

Installing LiveDVD on a bootable USB thumb drive

  • Download the LiveDVD ISO image from above.

  • Download

  • Run mount to find out what device the USB stick is - look for /dev/sdc1 or the something similar mounted at /media/SOMETHING

    Be sure you found the right device, or the next step could wipe your boot disk!

  • Run the following commands:
       1 sudo umount /dev/WHATEVER
       2 sudo /sbin/mkfs.vfat -n LiveDVD -i 0xDEADBEEF /dev/WHATEVER
       3 sudo sh --overlay-size-mb 2047 --reset-mbr --noverify POINT-LiveDVD-i386.iso /dev/WHATEVER

These instructions assume you are writing the ISO image to a 4GB thumb drive. You may vary the overlay size-mb parameter above.

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